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Stata-MP 14 CPU increase

November 3, 2016

We've recently updated our Stata licenses so that Stata-MP 14 can accomodate more than 4 CPUs at a time. Although the theoretical maximum is now 64, cluster availability will usually allow much less.

Please note, Stata 13 is still limited to 4 CPUs, and Stata-SE is still limited to 1 CPU.


RCE Developer Blog

Always On: Persistent Interactive Jobs on the RCE

Do you run interactive jobs on the Research Computing Environment (RCE)? You probably do, but, do you know what differentiates interactive jobs from non-interactive or batch RCE jobs?

It’s simple: Interactive jobs expect user-input and are often GUI providing applications like XStata, Matlab, or Mathematica. Batch jobs expect no user input and run in parallel without intervention.

How RCE powered applications work now