Directing Output to Unique Files

You can instruct Condor to write unique output files for iterative processes, or to write output files in more than one directory, or both.

To direct Condor to write output from your batch processing to specific directories, first create the directories. Use a consistent naming convention for each directory, and include in the names the full range of process numbers that you plan to execute. Then specify an output file name for each process.

For example, you first create fifteen directories named dir_0 - dir_14. You instruct the Condor system to execute your program 15 times (using the Queue 15 command). You instruct Condor to create individual output files for each iteration of the executable and name those files out.<process ID>. The Condor system then places those files in the directory that is assigned the name that includes the same <process ID>.

For this example, your submit file includes the following attributes:

InitialDir = dir_$(PROCESS)
output = out.$(PROCESS)
Queue 15

Your results look like this:

/<working directory>/dir_0/
/<working directory>/dir_1/
/<working directory>/dir_14/