Running Interactive Jobs

Interactive Servers are intended for large processes that are memory intensive. If you have a group of dozens or hundreds of jobs, or jobs that will run for hours, days, or longer, please use the Batch Servers.

Learn how to submit an interactive job


Working with RCE Powered Statistical Applications

The Applications menu in the RCE includes statistical applications in the RCE Powered Applications folder. Apps in the RCE Powered Applications menu are executed on the RCE cluster servers dedicated to handling interactive applications, also known as execute (EXEC) servers. 


Running Custom Interactive Jobs

Running Custom Interactive CLI Jobs

If you are using a command-line SSH connection to the RCE, you can still launch and use RCE Interactive Applications.

Launch your application in a disconnectible terminal emulator, and you will be able to access it after it is started asynchronously by the job scheduler.

  1. Create a condor submit file to specify the application you want to run.
    •  In your submit file, wrap your command in a disconnectible terminal. We recommend either tmux or screen.
    • You can create this file manually, or with condor_submit_util.
    • Refer to Running Batch Jobs for more details.
    • For Example:
      • condor_submit_util -I --noinput --nosubmit --keep --submitfile myapp.submit -x /usr/bin/screen -a '-S myterminal /usr/bin/R' -m 2048 -c 1 -d myapp_outdir -n 1

        cat myapp.submit

        Universe        = vanilla
        Executable      = /usr/bin/screen
        Arguments       = -S myterminal /usr/bin/R
        request_memory  = 2048
        request_cpus    = 1
        transfer_executable = false
        should_transfer_files = NO
        output  = /nfs/home/W/whorka/myapp_outdir/out
        error   = /nfs/home/W/whorka/myapp_outdir/error
        Log     = /nfs/home/W/whorka/myapp_outdir/log
        +UsingCondorSubmitUtil = true
        Queue   1

  2. Submit the job
    condor_submit myapp.submit
    Submitting job(s).
    1 job(s) submitted to cluster 38965.

  3. Connect to the server where your job is running.

  4. Connect to the disconnected terminal.
    screen -d -r myterminal

  5. Interact with your command-line application as normal.
    • The hotkey for your disconnectible terminal emulator will be interpreted by the terminal emulator and not the application. For screen, this is ^A (Ctrl-A) by default, and for tmux this is ^B (Ctrl-B) by default.

  6. If you disconnect, follow steps 3-4 to reconnect.

  7. When you are finished running your application, exit the application, and then exit from the connection to the server where your job is running.
    • Once you exit the "control" connection, your job will terminate.

If you find this feature useful, or this process too cumbersome, please contact us regarding future process improvements.