Saving and Reusing a Submit File

When you use condor_submit_util in command-line mode to submit a program for batch processing, include the option -k (keep) to save the submit file created by the utility.

You can edit and reuse that submit file to submit similar programs to the Condor queue for batch processing. You also can include Condor macros to further improve the usability of the file. See the HTCondor documentation for detailed information about how to use Condor macros.

For example, if you plan to submit several iterations of a program for batch processing, you can use a single submit file for all iterations. In that submit file, you use the $(PROCESS) macro to specify unique input, output, error, and log files for each iteration.

Use of the $(PROCESS) macro requires that you develop a naming convention for files or subdirectories that includes the full range of process IDs for your iterations.

To use an existing submit file when you submit a batch process, you cannot use the script and must execute the condor_submit command instead. Type the following:

condor_submit my.submit