Manual batch submit (only recommended for experienced users)

You use the command condor_submit to submit batch processing manually to the Condor system.

If you are new to batch processing please see the previous section using condor_submit_util

In the RCE, you must include the attribute Universe = vanilla in every submit file. If you do not include this statement, Condor attempts to enable job-check pointing, which consumes the central manager resource.

Perform the following to submit batch processing manually:

  1. Before you submit your program for batch processing, create a directory in which to run your submission, and then change to that directory. Make sure that you set permissions to enable the Condor software to read from and write to the directory and its contents.

    Also make sure that your program is batch ready.

  2. Create a submit file for your program.

    For information about how to create a submit file, see Submit file basics.

    Note: You can use the HMDC Automated Condor Submission script and include the -k option to create a submit file, and then edit and reuse that submit file for other submissions.

  3. Submit your program for batch processing.

    Type the following at the command prompt:

    condor_submit <submit file>

    Condor then checks the submit file for errors, creates the ClassAd object, and places that object in the queue for processing. New jobs are added to the end of the queue. For example:

    condor_submit myjob.submit

    Submitting job(s)..........
    Logging submit event(s)..........
    10 job(s) submitted to cluster 24.
  4. View your job queue to ensure that execution begins. 

    condor_q <username>
    For example:
    condor_q wharrell