Troubleshooting Problems

The Condor central manager stops (evicts or preempts) a process for several reasons, including the following:

  • Another job or another user's job in the queue has a higher priority and preempts or evicts your job.

  • The pool machine on which your process is executed encounters an issue with the machine state or the machine policy.

  • You specified attributes in your submit file that cannot process without error.

Refer to the Condor manual for detailed information about submission, job status, and processing errors:

Note: A simple action can help you to diagnose problems if you submit multiple jobs to Condor. Be sure to specify unique file names for each job's output, history, error, and log files. If you do not specify unique file names for each submission, Condor overwrites existing files that have the same names. This can prevent you from locating information about problems that might occur.