How do I list my Jupyter Notebook session and tokens?

When launching Jupyter Notebook from Anaconda Navigator, you will receive an error if you already have a Firefox browser session running in the RCE. This will prevent Firefox from starting, but your Jupter Notebook session will still be running.

Firefox is already running but is not responding.

To clear this error, exit any other Firefox sessions running in the RCE, and clear the Firefox lock files. Once you have done this, you can connect to the Jupyter Notebook session manually:

To list your Jupyter Notebook session URLs and tokens, open a qtConsole in Anaconda Navigator and run this command:

system("jupyter" "notebook" "list")


In [10]: system("jupyter" "notebook" "list")
['Currently running servers:',
'http://localhost:8888/?token=9651c0fe159b0b82592747ef836dbce85c513f644a668ca9 :: /nfs/home/J/Juser',
'http://localhost:8889/?token=123bffe4532f29571c820e73f1acc238bf0109e7e48cb857 :: /nfs/home/J/Juser']

In that same qtConsole, run this command to start Firefox:


Then copy and paste the session URL (including the token, but not the "::" or the home directory) into the Firefox browser's address bar.