How do I share files with my collaborators?

Set up a project space

The simplest way to share files with collaborators in the RCE is to use a project space, which is a folder you all have access to. Send us a support request asking for a shared project space and we will create one for you. (Storage sizes over a certain amount are subject to a nominal fee.) Be sure to include the names of your collaborators.

Once you have a project space it will be linked from your RCE home directory under ~/shared_space/ by the name of the project. You may request more than one project space, but limitations on storage allocation apply.

Grant your collaborators access to the files you create in the project space

There are two ways to allow your collaborators access to the files you create in a project space. First and simplest -- do nothing. We run an automatic process each night that will change the permissions on your project files so that any permissions you have will also be granted to your project group.

If, however, you want to grant your collaborators immediate access to project files you have created, run the command, as described in Projects & Shared Space.

Change your default file creation mode (optional)

If most or all of your work in the RCE is done in collaborative project spaces, you may want to change the default file creation mode (i.e. the file access permissions) for your RCE account so that all files you create can be modified by members of the group which owns them. For instructions see Projects & Shared Space