How do I copy files between RCE and Cannon (FAS RC)?

We recommend using rsync to copy files between RCE and FASRC, although ssh, scp, and sftp will also work.


Via rsync:

Note: This example uses the -v flag. The verbose option shows every file that is transferred and is probably not appropriate when copying large numbers of files or directories.

Note: If you have ssh keys for the RCE set up on your computer, you may not be prompted for your password when logging in to the RCE.


Verification code:

[jharvard@boslogin02 ~]$ rsync -avh ~/'s password: 
receiving incremental file list

sent 30 bytes received 211 bytes 37.08 bytes/sec
total size is 104 speedup is 0.43

[jharvard@boslogin02 ~]$ rsync -avh ~/'s password: 
receiving incremental file list

sent 34 bytes received 165 bytes 36.18 bytes/sec
total size is 29 speedup is 0.15


Via scp:

  1. SSH into FASRC (the transfer needs to originate from the FASRC side)
  2. Use the SCP command to transfer your data:
    scp TheDestinationPathOnFASRC
    scp ~/test.doc
    will move the file test.doc from RCE user jsmith's RCE home folder to their FASRC home folder.
  3. You can also reverse this, if for whatever reason you need to move something from FASRC to the RCE:
    scp ~/test.doc
  4. To transfer the contents of a directory, use -r.  Using -p will also preserve file timestamps and permisssions:
    scp -rp ~

If you don't know the exact path to the data you want to transfer, you can SSH to the RCE from FASRC to check before transferring.

Alternatively, if you need to transfer files, you can transfer files to and from the RCE and Cannon separately from your client computer using Filezilla.


Technical Detail:
The encryption libraries on the RCE are too old to support connecting to FAS RC Cannon. However, the newer encryption libraries on FAS RC Cannon are backward-compatible, allowing it to connect to the IQSS HMDC RCE.


If you try to SSH from the RCE to Cannon, you will receive an error:
[ ~]$ ssh
no matching mac found: client,hmac-sha1,hmac-ripemd160 server,,,hmac-sha2-512,hmac-sha2-256,

To avoid this error, you must initiate the SSH (or scp/sftp) command from FAS RC Cannon, to the IQSS HMDC RCE:

[jharvard@boslogin02 ~]$ ssh