NoMachine NX4 is Production Ready

July 31, 2014

HMDC is happy to announce that our NoMachine NX4 infrastructure has matured into a production-ready product. Administrators and support staff from the HMDC Operations team will begin migrating users individually from NX3 to a modern NX4 based desktop. 

The Research Computing Environment (RCE), powered by NoMachine NX4, provides exciting new features:

  • Share any locally or network connected printer device with your desktop. Printing from the RCE is now as simple as selecting Print from any RCE application.
  • Need to demonstrate a task to a user? You can now share your desktop with other users.
  • No need to install cumbersome client applications. You can access the RCE directly through your favorite web browser right now, or download the client.

Ready to move to NX4?

If you're a tech savvy user, consider migrating yourself to NX4. It's an easy process:

  1. Make sure you're not running any jobs on the cluster. Once you migrate to NX4, you can't move back to NX3.
  2. Uninstall OpenNX or NoMachine NX Client 3.5 from your Windows or OS X Desktop.
  3. Follow the easy to understand directions on the RCE NoMachine support webpage to install, configure, and use the latest RCE, powered by NoMachine NX4.

Let us know

Are you about to move yourself to NX4? Have any suggestions? Did you find a bug? Want to announce your satisfaction with the new software? (We love compliments.) Don't hesitate to submit a support ticket.