Retiring HMDC People Pages web hosting service

February 17, 2017

HMDC will be retiring its web hosting service at at the end of March 2017.
No files will be deleted, but the web service will no longer be running.
All support for this service will end by end of day, Wednesday, March 29.
Going forward, there are several options if you’d like to continue to host your content.
If you want to create a new “people” page, such as a bio, resume, or CV, please use Harvard’s OpenScholar:
If you need to host a departmental website, please see Harvard Web Publishing at
If you need to host static html files, we suggest using GitHub hosting:
If you need Enterprise Level hosting with custom PHP code, please open a ticket about migrating your site to Heroku by e-mailing
                Additionally, we can assist with SSL certificates and DNS hosting.
If you need R Shiny webhosting, please contact us at
If you have any questions, please contact us at