01 How to Connect and Use the Web Client

An exciting feature of the RCE environment, is the ability to access your desktop and your jobs through your web browser.

Accessing the RCE via HTTP

Open your preferred web browser and navigate to https://rce.hmdc.harvard.edu. Enter your username and password, and click OK.Connect to rceweb
If you have an already running session, highlight your session and click Connect. Otherwise, start a new session. The web interface completely mirrors the NoMachine client interface.Start Session/Resume Session


Why use the NoMachine Desktop Client at all?

You may find yourself using the Web client interface to access your RCE session, rather than the NoMachine Desktop client. Great! However, if you need to print documents or connect a USB storage device to your RCE session, you must use the NoMachine NX4 Desktop client. If you never need to print or access USB storage from RCE, ditch the NoMachine NX4 Desktop client and enjoy the HMDC supported NoMachine NX4 Web client interface!