How do I automate actions when connecting to the RCE?

To configure your user account such that every time you connect to the RCE, some action is performed:

  1. Write a script that performs the desired action. The scripting languages available in the RCE include BASH, (/bin/bash), multiple versions of Python (/usr/bin/python) and Perl (/usr/bin/perl).

  2. Copy this script to the directory ~/.rce/startup with the command cp [scriptname] ~/.rce/startup/. If the directory does not exist, create it with the command mkdir -p ~/.rce/startup.

  3. Make sure the permissions on your script permit execution; to ensure that this is the case, run the command chmod +x ~/.rce/startup/[scriptname].

Your script is run every time you connect to the RCE.

Note: Be sure to test your script; a misbehaving script can prevent you from being able to connect to the RCE! In particular, your script must not require any keyboard input or other interaction with the user; it will not be able to communicate with you while it is running, and you will not be able to connect to the RCE while your script sits waiting for input.