02a How to Install the Desktop Client

Download the NoMachine client for your OS:

Please download the NoMachine client from HMDC; it provides a superior RCE experience. Our support staff will ask you to download and install our version if you encounter difficulties using the RCE.

OSX DMG installer file

RedHat/CentOS Linux

Ubuntu/Debian Linux

Windows zipfile
Note: The Windows zipfile contains the NX client, plus optional font packages. HMDC recommends installing all font packages.

Download NoMachine
Navigate to the location where you downloaded the NoMachine package file (typically in 'Downloads') and double-click on it. Click the .dmg File
You should be presented with the following window. Double-click on NoMachine.pkg. NoMachine installation
Click Continue Click Continue
Click Continue Click Continue
Click Agree Click Agree
Click Install Click Install
If requested, type your password and click Install Software Enter Password
Click Close Click Close