My text is garbled when I type in the RCE desktop!

You need to set your key mapping based on your client computer's locale. From within a NX session (RCE desktop):

If you are using a US-layout keyboard...

Select ApplicationsRCE UtilitiesLoad US keyboard map

If you are not using a US-layout keyboard...

  1. Reconnect to your session using the NX web portal at
  2. Move the cursor to the upper-right corner and click the "peelback"
  3. Click "Keyboard"
  4. On the on-screen keyboard, click "LANG"
  5. Select your language locale (e.g. "US", "FR", "DE")
  6. Your session should now retain the proper key map when reconnecting

If that does not work, try the following within the RCE desktop:

1. System > Preferences > Keyboard > Layouts > "Reset to defaults"
Once that's done, please terminate your session (; your cluster jobs will not be lost) and then start a new session and see if the error persists.