How do I submit a Matlab job to the batch cluster?

In order to run a matlab job on the RCE Batch Cluster, you must set some environment variables and run matlab in command line mode. HMDC has developed a simple program to automate this process called

To run your Matlab code as a batch job, open a terminal window in the RCE and type: myfile.m

Use the name of your matlab code file in place of myfile.m, and your code will run one single iteration as a batch job.

Standard output from your job will be captured in the file condor_submit_util/myfile.m.condor.out .

Standard error messages will be captured in the file condor_submit_util/myfile.m.condor.err .

If you want to run more than one single iteration of your job, run in interactive mode as follows and you will be prompted for the number of iterations: -I myfile.m