Working With Your Jobs


When you run an RCE Powered Application, you must request a certain amount of processors and memory. If the amount you requested is available, a job is created on the cluster. It is not tied to your desktop session; if you terminate your session, or your NoMachine desktop becomes unusable, your job is it retrievable. Below are some tips on managing your RCE jobs.

Checking Resources

Submitting Interactive Jobs

RCE cluster interactive jobs are persistent and come without lease periods, so you never have to request job extensions. However, after a three day idle period in which there has been no activity, your job becomes preempt-able, and may be terminated to make sure resources are fairly shared. See our documentation for more information.

You will receive email notices if your job becomes idle; an example is below:

Dear <username>,

Your RCE powered job xstata-mp 14.0 has been idle for 2 days. If your job
remains idle for three or more days, your job will become preemptible.

Under conditions of RCE cluster saturation, RCE powered jobs, idle for
three or more days, can be pre-empted in order to satisfy resource
requirements of newly submitted RCE powered jobs. If your RCE powered
job is pre-empted, you will lose all currently unsaved work within that
job. If you don't plan on actively utilizing xstata-mp 14.0 within the next
day, please make sure to save your work or terminate your job if you've
successfully accomplished your tasks. Otherwise, using xstata-mp within the
next 24 hours will stave off pre-emptability for another two days.

Monitoring Your Job

  • From a desktop NX session: Applications > RCE Utilities > SSH to RCE job server
  • From a terminal: condor_ssh_to_job_util

Finding and Retrieving Your Job

  • From a desktop NX session: Applications > RCE Utilities > Attach all jobs
  • From a terminal: condor_q username