03 Configuring FileZilla

If you are already familiar with SFTP and would like to configure your connection manually (or are using a client other than FileZilla), the connection information you will use is:

  • host: rce.hmdc.harvard.edu
  • port: 22 (default)
  • username: your RCE username
  • for security, be sure that you do not save your password!

To configure FileZilla automatically, download and save this configuration file:

  • rce.hmdc.harvard.edu - for all users of the RCE - download config (right click / save as) Then import it into Filezilla:
  1. Open FileZilla
  2. Click the File menu, select Import, browse to the downloaded file and select Open.
  3. Click Okay at the prompts, then restart Filezilla.
rce_filezilla.xml811 bytes