05 Using Filezilla securely: ask for password

If your password becomes saved in FileZilla, use these steps to clear it:

  1. Go to the Edit menu and click on Clear private data...
    1. Check the box for Clear quickconnect history
    2. Check the box for Clear reconnect information
    3. Un-check the box for Clear Site Manager Entries
    4. Click OK
  2. Click on the Quick Connect drop-down box and make sure your cached session is no longer there. if it is, clear the history from there as well.

If you lose your connection information from the Site Manager, follow the instructions for Configuring FileZilla to restore it.

If you are manually configuring a connection in FileZilla, or using the QuickConnect bar, do not enter your password in the password field. Leave it blank and FileZilla will display a dialog prompting for your password when you connect. Enter it then.