Retrieving One File from Unique Directories

To read an input file from individual directories for each execution during batch processing, you can use the same input file name for every execution. Because the input files are located in unique directories, you can use the same file name but include unique content within the file.

For this example, you might name your input file infile. You create 500 copies of this file, and place one copy in each directory. After you place a copy of infile in a directory, you can edit the content of that copy to contain the unique inputs for that iteration. Using the same directory names from the previous section, your input files now look like this:

/<working directory>/run_0/
/<working directory>/run_1/
/<working directory>/run_499/

Using individual directories and one file name for each iteration, the attributes in your submit file for this example look like this:

Executable = RanVal.R
InitialDir = run_$(PROCESS)
Input = infile
Queue 500

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